i am a Japanese artist

based in Toronto Canada. I left Japan in 1987 for the first time looking for some adventure in life and somehow ended up in this cold snowy country in 1990.

in 1995 I gave up the life of a small business manager and started working freelance in TV and Theatre as a set painter, prop maker, actor, translator, etc. For the last several years, I’ve worked mainly as a graphic designer on various TV shows.
Having no art training in youth, I never dreamed of having a career in a creative field. I just kept following my path and it led me there.

it all started with

meeting Bill Layton. He is a very talented set designer who introduced me to the world of creativity, which literally changed my life. I was trained by following his projects, and was influenced by him immensely. As I enjoyed and developed artistic skills for work, my interests towards crafts grew. I took on pottery, sewing and knitting as hobbies for many years. The creative journey has been a continuous self discovery for me.

Among many other career improvement courses,

i studied

a wide range of fine art media in the Special Art Program at Central Technical School in 2006 and continued with drawing and painting study at George Brown College. In 2009, I studied fine art further with established Canadian artist Jon Tobin.


i enjoy

working as an on-set interpreter. After having the best work experience on Guillermo Del Toro Film, "Still Seas" in April '12, I’m praying hard that more Japanese actors will come to Toronto to shoot movies.

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